Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer Fun....and coming to an end!

Bryan Water skiing in Bear Lake

Daxtyn was very convincing to go hiking in this cave.....
we found out a little too late that there were 888 stairs!!

Favorite part of Bear Lake, the Water weanie

Daxtyn, Carson, and Aspen chilling on the beach in Bear Lake!

Helping Grandma Trina sell peaches for Grandpa Pyne

Spanish Fork Rodeo with the Warners
Dax with Uncle Riley

Daxtyn's first day of school! Isn't he handsome!
I didn't cry, but I had tears in my eyes! What a milestone for a mom!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is a MAJOR blog update, since I was having computer issues. I just downloaded 1300 pictures and so this is in no order whatsoever, but it is an update!!!! :)

Dax in a children's parade

Dax, Camden, Kolton, Aubree, and Brighton proudly showing off their fish from the fish rodeo
Watching fireworks on the 24th

Daxtyn and Bryan fishing

Daxtyn helping irrigate

Camden and Dax enjoying an ice cream sandwich and swimming

Me with my two best friends, Michelle Cardon, (Martin) and Michele Christensen (Peterson)

Daxtyn at swimming lessons getting ready to jump off the diving board

Dax and Aspen with their new bunny, Roxy

Cute kids on the 4th!!

Aspen and Easton waiting for fireworks on the 4th
Camping in our backyard!!

It's a Carnival around this house!

We Had Aspen's Birthday and it was a carnival!!! We had about 10 booths with activities and the kids had to earn tickets by doing tricks to "Pay" to do the activity. There was tie-dying shirts, a kissing booth, where the kids had to guess how many kisses were in a jar. There was a duck pond, a ring toss, and a clothespin drop! There was even a pony, a real one, for the kids to ride. And my favorite, a pie throwing booth, Bryan was the lucky one!! (What a good sport!!)
We had so much fun!!

A clown even made an apperance!

Tori getting Bryan with PIE!

Aubree with a balloon hat, made by the clown

Daxtyn riding the pony, my cousin Travis was so nice to come help!!

Grandpa Pyne helping Aspen buy prizes with her tickets

Michelle Martin doing a cartwheel to earn tickets to "buy" her dinner
Even Grandpa Joel participated in the festivities!

Kolton at the ring toss winning his drink!

Aunt Heather helping with the tie-dying shirts.
(sorry your eyes were closed)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Time flies and too many animals!!!!

Ok, I know it has been FOREVER since I have updated my blog, 3 reasons.... 1.There is never enough time in the day to get anything done is there? 2. I'm not computer smart and all of a sudden I can't get pictures to download and 3. I have about 40 more excuses!!!
My friend/sister-in-law Heather keeps saying,"wouldn't it be nice if there was a pause button for our kids so we could get caught up with life, projects and cleaning and not miss out on enjoying our kids!!" Amen to Heather. As my LISTS keep getting longer and longer and less is being checked off I feel the same way. I don't want to wake up one morning and realize that I missed my kids childhood. So Dax, Aspen, Daddy and I made a list of things we want to do this summer and every single one has to be done....we made a promise!! We came up with about 40 things (Heather did the same thing and had 83ish on their list) so I felt like Adding to our list but decided to start with the 40 so that something would get "checked" off this summer!! So here goes nothing!
We have done about 20 things on the list, Like sleeping outside in the backyard , Going fishing, camping, the movies, Have a sleepover with uncle Riley, (He just got home from his mission). Watching fireworks, going swimming.....and our list goes on!! And we will do it all and then some, we hope!!

We have also had quite the animal farm going on here. It started with the Easter Bunny bringing 2 Baby chicks, Mama and Binkie, and Mama dying the next day, Then we gave a local farmer Binkie after a few months. Then we got a Duck, Laffy taffy, and kept him for about 2 months and then let him go at a pond where we go fishing. Then we got 5 caterpillars and watched then form their cocoons, and "Hatch" We had butterflies and kept them for about a week and then let them go. Then we got a frog, Caruso, and he died the very next day!! So we went to get another one and ended up with a BUNNY, named Roxy!!! What a farm!!
And I have really cute pictures of all of this but we can't figure out what is going instead of not updating my blog for another 3 months I am updating with no pictures!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Camden and Dax looking for Eggs

Aspen and Easton

We also get together with the Dewitt side and do an Egg hunt. This year we had it at our house. Heather and her three boys came, Nana and Uncle Devan, and then us! (Jarom and Bryan were working) Bryan was able to stop by and eat and help a little We had lots of fun!! We hide over 100 eggs and the kids get to find 20 eggs each. The kids then consume way to much sugar!!! Probably like every other child out there right??

Bryan Looking For the "Golden Egg"

T.J., Dax, Aspen and Mom Warner

Cute little Aspen trying to keep up with everbody

Easter at the warners is the highlight of easter! This is actually an understatement! Our mom, Trina hides over 100 eggs and puts money in them! This year Aspen found around $10.00
Dax found about $7.oo and Bryan and I found over$30.00!!!:)
The adults definitely have way too much fun! Tj and Emily found the golden egg with a $20.00 and plus some more, there total was over $45.oo. FUN TIMES!!!
Then on easter Dax and aspen woke up to some chirping, the Easter bunny had left them a chick! What are we going to do with a chick?? I can't decide if we should keep him for the eggs and fertilizer on the lawn or if we should give him to a farmer! He is really cute but has tripled in size!!

Monday, March 31, 2008

It was the end of a long day and I could not clean up one more mess...I was done. But I had promised Dax a "De-lish" roll and so I decided to put them in the tub, with underwear still on so this was "G"rated and gave them their yummy roll!! Then when they were done I turned on the water and gave them their bath!! Everyone was happy, esp. MOM!!